February 25, 2008

Fosdem 2008 impressions

Just back from this great event that is fosdem, the most important event for community free software developers in Europe.

I have assisted to great talks and I am sure I have also missed some other great talks. Just to mention some:

on Sunday there were two very interesting talks about virtualization, one about Xen and the other one about VirtualBox
on Sunday there was a very interesting talk about kiwi, the system imaging creator for openSUSE isos, livecds and usb sticks. A must use technology for building custom distributions.
on Saturday there were very interesting talks about the build service, the openSUSE tool for building rpms and debs. A must use technology for building custom distributions, too.

Many thanks to the openSUSE people that let us present linkat and for their interest on the project, specially to Francis Giannaros.

Many thanks to the Fosdem organization, too, that make the 8th fosdem edition possible.

I've just uploaded the photos to my flickr account at:


You can see photos from the linkat presentation at (thanks toni!):


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