February 5, 2008

No centOS for SUSE, that is the difference

Yesterday I published a post into the opensuse mailing lists explaining why there is no centOS and won't be as long as novell does not change its release policy.

What I am talking about is that RedHat publishes the source code of every update (SRPMS) when the updates are sent to its customers. Theses source updates are public, so anyone can take them and recompile them and, as long as they take out the branding stuff (and RedHat tells you where to look for it), distribute them. That is what people from centOS do. Why RedHat do that? It is being told that this is the first step for some companies before getting a RedHat subscription. So it is bringing customers to RedHat. What about the ones that will never pay? Well, they would have never paid either, so... if you do not believe it, take a look at:


and look for the dates of the updates.

Then, what happens with Novell? Novell publishes the source code (SRPMS) when they publish the updates. That means, you are either a Novell customer, so you can get the source code for every update that is sent to you, or you wait until Novell publishes the Service Packs. That is, when the Service Packs are public, so the updates. If you have doubts, take a look at the dates of:


Novell business model differs from the RedHat one on that aspect (and in others for sure). Actually I have the feeling that RedHat looks after big clients, that is clients that will pay RedHat for a Premium Support and, as they may have a lot of servers, will pay a lot. In contrast, Novell looks after, a part from the big clients, the medium size clients, by building a partnernet network all around the world. Medium size clients will be the ones that may not be paying if they had a NovellCentOS option. However, it is only my perspective....

You can follow the discussion at the opensuse lists at:


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Servtelecom said...

Buenas Jordi, no he entes molt be el teu missatge pero crec que Novell tindria que fer com els de redhat, treure un Centos per a la gent que no pot pagar o que vol probar el producte avanç de comprar-lo.
Lo que no entenc si ets més partidari de RedHato de Novell amb el tema de tenir un Centos o no?
Per cert, podries publicar també en català ja que jo el segueixo pero no s'hem dona massa bé el angles!
ja em respondras al meu correu ok! Salutacions!