March 17, 2008

LimeJeOS: The openSUSE based JeOS

A new project called Lime JeOS (LInux Minimal Edition Just enough Operating System) has been created at the openSUSE community.

Lime JeOS is a project meant to be the base for sofware appliances. Similar to Ubuntu JeOS but more powerful as it is build on the openBuildService.

LimeJeOS is part of a very ambitious project: . is a project for building software appliances on top of openSUSE. It uses LimeJeOS (pronounced like lime juice), Eis (Enterprise Information Software pronounced like Ice) and KIWI (The openSUSE imaging system) for building them.

So LimeJeOS is only the first step to make building software appliances in a very easy and powerful way based on openSUSE. Software appliances will be a must use and must know technology in the near future, as it has many benefits for ISVs and software companies.


Anonymous said...

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