August 31, 2008

installation mit instlux von windows

One day I got an openSUSE 11.0 box and I was checking the manual while waiting for a plane transfer at an airport, when I saw that there was a chapter about how to install openSUSE with instlux!

instlux was my contribution to openSUSE 10.3 and I was so happy when I saw that, not only in the 11.0 DVD but also on the manual. As said, the time I saw that I was in an airport, waiting for a plane transfer, and I was really really happy! My contribution was there! It was a pity that I was traveling alone because I could not tell anyone.

Seeing instlux on a manual has been the best gift to the instlux project. Everything started because I was not able to install linux on a laptop. Then I googled around and found a howto on doing it using the installed windows and grub4dos. After that, and with my linux laptop, I wrote an nsis script that was doing all that and opened a sourceforge project.

I tried to make people know about that, so I started writing to wikis, developers mailing lists, telling people that I knew, until one day that I connect to an only meeting room on the opensuse IRC channel. I told the guys there, and I was invited to talk about that on the fosdem lightning talks, so I sent a presentation as soon as the call was opened, and got accepted.

Then things were better. At Fosdem I met AJ (who I have to thank for that) and talk about it. A lot of people was willing to talk to AJ, so we talked for 5 minutes and that was all. Instlux was included on openSUSE 10.3 and got help from suse people that implemented the missing details.

openSUSE community looked very happy to have instlux, and I was very happy to participate. Actually, what I like more is the feeling of getting involved on a community like openSUSE.

instlux is not the only system for doing that, but I think I can say that was the first one that was implemented as a windows installer and included on a distribution.

Right now, I am not spending time on instlux, as SUSE/Novell has more resources, and I am very happy of that, as I can spend time on other projects.

So, thanks openSUSE guys for letting me get involved!

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dh said...

Nice story about the real payback of creating something for the community.

Thanks for the work you did on the project (although I never used it) and even more thanks for the story.