January 30, 2009

joomla appliance

Also built with suse studio this appliance is a joomla appliance based on openSUSE 11.0 . First time it boots, network is configured (the YaST first-boot network module is loaded, actually). Then, you just have to connect to the IP address with your browser and you'll see the joomla installation pages. Follow the steps and you'll have a joomla system ready to go.

This appliance has a mysql configured as:

host: localhost
user: root
password: [leave it blank]

Use this configuration when prompted during the joomla installation wizard.

As you may know, joomla is a Content Management System. So with this appliance, you are ready to have your own web site, with news, menus, articles, ... and everything joomla has to provide.

Download it from http://www.lin.cat/CMS_joomla_appliance-0.0.1.vmx.tar.gz

Tip: the root password is linux. If you configure the network as dhcp, login as root and use ifconfig to know the IP address you have to connect to.

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