February 3, 2009

egroupware appliance

egroupware, an opensource groupware for mail, calendar, ... This is an appliance made with suse studio with this groupware. Download it, configure the network and connect through your browser to configure it and use it.

You can download it from http://www.lin.cat/groupware_eGroupware_appliance-0.0.1.vmx.tar.gz


Subcomandante said...

hi, i download your appliance but i don't know user an password to login, i appreciate if you send to mariano@mocoroa.com.ar, thankx

Jordi Massaguer Pla said...

use user root and password linux.

This will give you access to the console. Once there, use ifconfig to know you ip address and with that, use Firefox to open that ip (or any other browser you like).

cbarbap said...

Hi, I have been download several time you VM image, but winrar always said bad file, Please Help. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

versión de egroupware?

Anonymous said...

Do you have this appliance? The link to this file is broken.
If you have, please send to daniel.pedrini@gmail.com