February 11, 2009

fosdem09 is over

Fosdem was fun. Fosdem is the kickoff of new projects every year and in one year will see which succeded.

Not all the presentations were good, but there were some that were very good and made it worth it.

This year I had my 5 minutes on the Suse Studio presentation (at the opensuse dev room), presenting the 20 appliances I made with it.

Three years ago I went to Fosdem for the first time and presented the instlux project as a lightning talk. The following year instlux was part of the opensuse project and I presented linkat (together with Jordi Bruguera), an edu distribution based on SLES and openSUSE, that this year was presented as a collaboration project with opensuse edu. So every year, one project. We'll see next year what I have to tell!

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