February 6, 2009

openSUSE Build Service appliance

Haven't you thought about having your own openSUSE Build Service? So here you have it. Built with suse studio and based on opensuse 11.0 with the latest openSUSE Build Service code (1.5 release candidate).

Get it from http://www.lin.cat/Open_Build_Service_stable_appliance-0.0.1.vmx.tar.gz

Like the mojoportal, this appliance has its own firefox so just login with user tux password linux. If you wanted to use it from other hosts, configure the hosts obs1, obs2 and obs3 on your dns (or on your /etc/hosts ) to point to the IP address you have on this appliance.



imr said...

I used this appliance and then used your other post about the obs to get things started, but when I click on create a repository I get an error message.
Aint there more to do after setup to get things going than just creating an user?

Jordi Massaguer Pla said...

Sorry for the delay. I've been reviewing it.

First of all you need the metadata for the synchronization with the opensuse. Do:

curl -0 --user "Admin:opensuse" -X PUT -T /usr/share/doc/packages/obs-api/openSUSE.org.xml http://obs2/source/openSUSE.org/_meta

This will create you a link to the openSUSE projecs hosted on openBuildService.

Then, you need to create your home project. Do it by log in with your user (created on the obs2 virtual server with user permissions) by clicking on "home project". This will create you a home project.

Once here, and before creating any package, you can add "Build Repositories" by using the "[Add Repository (old) ]"

Then you should be able to create a package to build on your home project or subprojects. However, you are not. There is a bug in this version so we may have to wait until the openSUSE Build Service Team releases a new version.

Sorry for that.

Jordi Massaguer Pla said...

That bug is fixed. Look at:


I am looking how to get the code, whether there is an update or is in the git.opensuse.org.

Jordi Massaguer Pla said...

Running "zypper update" should do.

Please if you experience any other problems, let me know.

I'll release a newer version based on the feedback I get and on the newest opensuse build service version.

thanks for your feedback!

imr said...

thanks for your answers, I'll check them and retry everything then give you feedback about my tests.

Jordi Massaguer Pla said...

I've been testing it and I am having trouble on setting everything up. Now the i586 worker dies ... any luck?