March 23, 2009

Traffic shaper appliance for trying web applications on slow connections

Are you a web application programer? If so, did you ever wanted to try out a web application you have worked on and see how it would react on a slow connection?

If so, you maybe had looked at tc, a command line utility for linux that shapes your traffic queues.

Daniel Massaguer
has looked at that and I helped him create an appliance for that:

It is a linux router and it includes the tc preconfigured as a 1MB ADSL connection and it also outputs nice graphs on that.

But hold on, you need also a client that connects to the router. No problem, he has also done this:

It is an appliance that includes firefox and konqueror so you can connect to the web application you want to try.

This way you can try your web applications and see how they will look like on a 1MB ADSL.

Interesting, uh?

This appliances are vmware appliances, so all you need is a vmware server/player, that you can download from free from

If you want to know more about it, how to install them and how they were implemented, download the white paper from:

By the way, they were build with SUSE Studio.

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