February 23, 2011

Mobile World Congress is over

MWC finished last Thursday. I was there on Monday afternoon and on Thursday morning. There were a LOT of people and a LOT of new gadgets.

On Monday I went to see the Android stand, maybe one of the biggest (I have to admit that I had not visit all the stands). On Thursday I visited my colleagues at openTrends and the appPlanet.

The most interesting part (for me) was the appPlanet. I just went to a conference by CISCO on cloud computing but it was very interesting, as it was the more "developer/technical" part of the conference.

I also went to a conference on Barcelona Activa by intel were the MeeGo developer framework and appstore were introduced. It was very interesting, too, and we all got a tablet!

My summary of the MWC would be:

  • android 3.0 preview
  • nvidia powered tablets (like motorola tablets) that can perform as good as a PC (there were demos of 3D games all over)
  • LG 3D tablet. A 3D tablet without wearing any special glasses (I got a little headache and I think I could had got motion sickness if I had been playing with it for a while... but was cool to see what it can be done with a tablet).
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Blackberry tablet
  • Tablets that connect to SAP
  • tablets, tablets, and more tablets
  • ideas on monetizing your mobile apps in an appstore

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