November 14, 2011

shutting down a iomega storcenter

For my backups I am using a iomega storcenter device.

All management is done by web interface and I needed a way to shut it down from a script.

Here is the script.

  1 COOKIE_FILE=/tmp/iomega-stor-center-cookie.txt
  2 IP=
  3 curl -c $COOKIE_FILE -k --data "login=admin&passwordx=" https://$IP/index.html
  4 #curl -b $COOKIE_FILE -k --data "restart=identifyDevice" https://$IP/stg-device.html?t=6
  5 curl -b $COOKIE_FILE -k --data "restart=Poweroff" https://$IP/stg-device.html?t=6
  6 rm /tmp/iomega-stor-center-cookie.txt

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