December 7, 2012

Developer Barcelona Events

Lately I have been assisting to events in Barcelona related to programming not only because I consider part of my job to be up-to-date but also because I enjoy it: you always learn something or meet new people what is always interesting. Moreover, since I live in Barcelona, I could not miss them.

Here is a list of the events I have assisted during the past months. If you know of other interesting events, please tell me.

Barcelona Ruby Conference
Nosql matters conference
Barcelona On Rails events (barcelona rails group)
Barcelona testing open space
Barcelona DevCon

I think Barcelona is a great city for such events since a lot of people from other countries enjoy visiting it and hence it makes it easier to convince them to come.

In the other hand, I think it is very important for our economy, not only because of the hotels, restaurants, etc. but also for the business/jobs opportunities that this kind of events bring.

By the way, I missed the LinuxCon Europe, but I think it is worth mentioning that this one took place in Barcelona.