October 16, 2007

the future of creating derived distributions

It has been published the new open build service


It is really amazing what we will be able by the end of 2008. Actually we will be able to:

1- create custom distributions
2- have different versions of a program by using branches (for example a test version, or from different projectes)
3- create our own repositories
4- connect diferent build services so we can share computation power and packages
5- connection to the bugzilla
6- connect to the buildservice via web, command line and web services (already done)
7- create our own projects (already done)
8- build rpms and debs for different distributions (already done)
9- rebuild our rpms or debs when the dependencies has been rebuild (because of a new version mainly)

It look really great, isn't it? And it is the only open source tool with theses characteristics. Amazing. Building custom distributions will allow anyone to build a software appliance, that is a custom distro and a custom repository.

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