March 5, 2008

instlux as part of the openSUSE project

instlux became part of the openSUSE project with the 10.3 public release of openSUSE. The instlux project will no longer be mantained at sourceforge, but at the openSUSE community, which is a big community and I am very proud of contributing the project to it.

So, from now on:


bug traquer:

support (forums, mailing lists, etc.):

The only thing that will remain at sourceforge will be code, that is, the svn. However there will be no new releases at sourceforge, as they will be released together with the openSUSE releases.

You can read about instlux at the novell connection magazine:

Being instlux part of openSUSE is a very good thing for the project, actually I can not think about anything better, as being part of a bigger community gives instlux a better future that does not depend only on me having free time.

The photo has been taken by Zioluc and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 license

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Francis said...

Awesome news Jordi! You should get an 'instlux' component in Bugzilla (maybe called 'Installation - Windows') which can have you as the contact. If you'd like this then coolo is the person to contact.

You could also consider moving your SVN over to's svn (contact jsrain): you can get details at