March 10, 2008

no more comkat but openSUSE edu. Long life to openSUSE edu

The project comkat has been moved to openSUSE educational project.

The COMmunity repository for linKAT has been a project for those developers willing to collaborate to linkat, a linux distribution for the catalan schools run by the government. Comkat was run by individuals as volunteers.

When the comkat project started, there was no possibility to have an account for anybody at the open build service . That was one of the main reason to build an own repository where anybody could drop her rpms. Another reason was that it did not exist any specific project for education at openSUSE. Keep in mind that education projects should contain education software and that software should be for all ages.

However, things have changed. Anyone can get an open build service account, and right now there is a project, the openSUSE education project, that did not exist before.

These two points make the comkat project director (me) decided to move to the openSUSE education project (I am already a mantainer of the Education:Desktop and Education:Server subprojects at the BuildService), so we could join efforts and contribute to the openSUSE community.

So, long life to the openSUSE education project!

linkat logo done by Artur Tallada and Marià Cano.

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