August 2, 2008

installing openSUSE11 on a Lenovox61s

I just bought a Lenovo Thinkpad x61s. I once use a thinkpad x61 and felt in love with it so now, that I am a freelance and need a good laptop, just went for one. And here I am, installing an openSUSE11 on it.

Booting with the LiveCD has been a great success! Everything works! Graphics, sound, ethernet, wireless... it really rocks!

However, when trying to install it, get a problem with the partition setup, that is that parted could not change the sda label (don't know why it wants to do that), so I ended up opening a terminal and using fdisk to create my partition table (opened the 414158 report bug in ).

After that, I format it using mkfs.ext3 and mkswap and started again the live installer... and then, it worked!! Right now, while I am writing here, the system is being installed (installing from live just rocks!!!!)

So, good job lenovo and suse!

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