August 2, 2008

installing openSUSE11 on a Lenovox61s (part 2)

ah it could not have been that easy....

Grub was not installed. I do not know if it has something to do with skipping the partition configuration. So I boot again from the livecd and install grub from there.

Actually it wasn't that straightforward. I did different attempts so I can not be sure 100% which thing make it work, but here is a try:

1- open a terminal
2- su
3- run grub-install

the yast2 boot loader module should appear and then :

4- ask for a proposal (expert button)
5- write to disc (very important! I believe that is very important and if you click next or finish without that it may not work)
6- I try to run grub-install again and the yast module was not opened. I do not know if this is important, I mean the fact that I run it twice, but I am writing it down just in case.

Then I could restart and everything works VERY WELL. It is a pity that the installation was a little tricky....

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