September 20, 2008

limejeos at

Yesterday I did a talk (30') about limejeos at volcanica ( . The talk included a small demo were we created a web server appliance, using limejeos as a base and kiwi as the tool. The web server appliance included an html page as part of the demo.

There were few people but they were very interested, specially on the demo. The demo actually was:

[everything as root]

0- Create a mirror for opensuse packages. Actually I copied the DVD into a folder and make this folder available from http (for example in /srv/www/htdocs/suse and install apache2).

1- checkout a copy of limejeos:
svn co

actually 0 and 1 were done previous to the demo.

2- create a new folder for our appliance and copy the script and the generic folder (from openSUSE11.0 folder)

3- edit the generic/config.xml and:

3.1- Add the apache2 and apache2-prefork package (add it after the vim package)

3.2- Replace the opensuse repo by a the local mirror (for example http://localhost/suse)

4- edit the generic/ and add "insserv apache2" at the end

5- create the folders generic/root/srv/www/htdocs

6- edit the file generic/root/srv/www/htdocs/index.html

7- Then, and only because of time issues, edit the build.xml and remove all the kiwi lines except the two ones for the vmx.

8- Run

It took 6 minutes to create the vmware folder (out-vmx) with the vmware files. Then we copied somewhere else and changed the owner so we could open it with the vmware-console. And then, opened the vmware console (as the user that owns the files) and click on "open machine" and "play".

Of course, we opened a firefox and point it to http://apliance_ip and we were able to see the index.html content.

It took about 15-20 minutes to do all the demo, and I realized that was the most interesting part of the talk. We had a small issue (always on a demo...) about trying to reconfigure the network while we were running kiwi. So, do not configure the network while you are running kiwi. ;) .

At that was all. I enjoyed a lot and drove back home.

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