December 5, 2008

Configuring Vodafone Spain 3G and openSUSE 11.0

After looking at google and some docs like I did not succeed to configure my Vodafone 3G modem (HUAWEI) with opensuse 11.0 until I looked at the configuration on a windows machine.

To sum it up, the important things I was not doing are that the username and password are vodafone (both of them), and the phone number must be *99***16# .

Also important, that I had to remove the pin by inserting the phone card into a Vodafone phone.

So, if you are having trouble with your Vodafone Spain, check those values on /etc/wvdial.conf:

Phone = *99***16#
Username = vodafone
Password = vodafone

and on /etc/ppp/chap-secrets and /etc/ppp/pap-secrets:

vodafone * vodafone

Also, the network manager does not work always for me, so I ended up by removing it (on yast2-network general section) and using wvdial instead on a terminal:

sudo wvdial

Hint: You can use wvdialconf with your modem plugged to get a sample wvdial.conf where you only have to change the values I mentioned.


Anonymous said...

you don't need such an ugly solution (sudo *shudder*). Just configure a normal modem in yast and enter the device of your modem and the phone number (username and pw most likely don't matter actually). You can use smpppd+kinternet/qinternet/cinternet without extra privileges then.

Anonymous said...

You ca also compile "escritorio movistar" get last version openSuSE "srpm" and some "-devel.rpm" which work fine for this modem.

Be aware that:
1) if you install it into /opt/EscritorioMovistar you must add /opt/EscritorioMovistar/lib/ptyhon folder into system python folders or easier create a softlink into /usr/lib64/python*/ and /usr/lib/python*/

2) 64bits installations need to add "-fpic" to LDFLAGS into all Makefiles for mobile-manager utils in order to be able lo link binaries.

3) Starting...
mobile-manager is started into init scripts (for debugging you can openit from console with verbose output).

escritorio movistart must be started with sudo, it calls wvdial with same paremeters described to add to vwdial config file modifying python files you can change phone number easily.

* With this software program you can keep you PIN because it will aks you for it in order to register to 3G network, its saves historical use information and a current sppeedmeter an a tetx indicating connection type 3.5G,3G,GRPS... information.