December 22, 2008

summarizing 2008

We are getting to the end of the 2008 and is time to look back and make a small summary.

During this year, I left my job at openTrends were I had been for 2 and a half years, working on very interesting projects, to work at Flumotion. While I was in Flumotion, I started working as a freelance consultant and, after a while, I decided to be freelance 100%. This has been a big decision and, so far, I am very happy about it.

Instlux, the linux from windows installer that I started 3 years ago, is part of the openSUSE distribution since 10.3 version. It has been a great experience and I have known very interesting people thanks to it.

linkat, the linux distribution for catalan schools, is now at the 2.1 version. I have not worked on linkat this year, but I went to fosdem to talk about it. Next February I'll be there, too., a network of companies that gives level 1 support to linkat has grown up to 32 companies and we cover 90% of Catalunya. This year, we'll be working on l1network, the web application needed for managing this network, that will be published on sourceforge, so others can use it, too.

Openbravo Network was published this year. This is an ERP appliance based on Openbravo for Openbravo partners, based on rPath. I had worked on that at the end of 2007 and was a very interesting project.

I bought a lenovo thinkpad and a vodafone huawei, so I can work anywhere, as well as a small NAS so I make backups of everything.

Opensuse has published the opensuse 11.0 and the opensuse 11.1. This last version has been done using the openbuildservice. At the end of the year, opensuse is publishing this openbuildservice version.

I came out with the name LimeJeOS for the Jeos based on openSUSE. I did not have time to work on that project, but I gave the name.

I've been working with Novell on the Suse Studio, a web application for building appliances. That is a great tool and I am sure is going to be the next big thing on linux.

Virtualization is becoming and every day tool for a lot of companies, using different technologies like vmware, xen, virtual-box, kvm, etc. This is not going to be the next big thing, that's is the current big thing.

My last article as a linux reporter on the Todo Linux was on March, and was about the buildservice. I enjoy a lot writing but I do not have the time now.

I've been working on einestic, a free software for small companies. I am sure this software will be a very usefull software for a lot of them. We'll try to build a L1 network like the linkat one during next year.

Well, it is been a year with a lot of changes, isn't it?

Happy 2009 to every one!

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